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The Wasted Mind of Ben Sasse

There have been moments when, liberal as I am, I have been impressed by Senator

Friday Video: The Inside Story of Your Library (1940)

A 1940 silent film promoting the services of Lincoln City Libraries.

Ever wonder what YouTube thinks of your ISP?

The other night I was experiencing issues with playing a YouTube video (terminal buffering) and

Lincoln, NE in 1993 & 2012

Thanks beerorkid.com.

Pho Factory has amazing food

Yesterday, Mary and I ended up having dinner at Pho Factory on N 27th here

The Shining: A Play in Five Acts

I was just one of a small and very lucky number of people (maybe 1000 over three shows) to be able to witness The Shining as a stage play and it was worth every minute of my time. I hope that this turns into something bigger than just these three shows. For more information check out […]

Librarians @ SXSW

AUSTIN (February 5, 2014) – Representatives from the library industry’s leading organizations and associations are


QR Code at the Sump Memorial Library

On a proper “street sign” outside the library on your way to the front door from the parking lot.

Downtown Lincoln library scores new computer center

The main library at 136 S. 14th St. will open 30 minutes early for the event