Just Say: No Why can’t the company I’ve interviewed with send me a simple rejection letter?

If you talk to employers about this, you’ll often hear that it takes too much

7 1/2 Cents

Seven and a half cents, doesn’t buy a heck of a lot Seven and a

Friday Video: My journey to thank all the people responsible for my morning coffee

  Author AJ Jacobs embarked on a quest with a deceptively simple idea at its

Friday Reads: The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People by Dan Buettner

Bestselling author Dan Buettner reveals how to transform your health using smart nutrition, lifestyle, and

Convincing CEOs to Make Harassment Prevention a Priority

Unfortunately, as we heard at the HR meeting, many employers have still failed to implement

Motivating Your Most Creative Employees

Assign them to the right roles Build a team around them Reward innovation Tolerate their

Mashup Monday: Whole Lotta Sabbath (Led Zeppelin vs Black Sabbath Mashup) by Wax Audio

Whole Lotta Sabbath (Led Zeppelin vs Black Sabbath Mashup) Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love Black

9 Management Myths, Debunked!

As an instructor, you want your students to gain the skills needed to think and

Friday Video: Cory Doctorow, “Decentralize, Democratize, or Die”

Devcon4 presentation on Nov 1, 2018 in Prague by Cory Doctorow, “Decentralize, Democratize, or Die”.

7 game-changing things nonprofits can learn from for-profits

Think bigger, bolder; sometimes beyond reason Ask for WAY more money Increase spending on overhead