Pho Factory has amazing food

Yesterday, Mary and I ended up having dinner at Pho Factory on N 27th here in Lincoln. We’ll definitely be going back.

As an appetizer we had the Shrimp Sweet Potato cakes. Despite whatever Mary says, the shirmp heads were fun to eat.

Shrimp Sweet Potato Cakes Shrimp Sweet Potato Cakes (1)Shrimp Sweet Potato Cakes (2)

Then as main dishes Mary had the Grilled Noodle Bowl with shrimp, pork, and egg roll. Finally she’s found a local replacement for our favorite dish back in Aurora, CO.

Grilled Noodle Bowl with Shrimp, Pork & Egg Roll

I had the Carmalize [sic] Shrimp and Bacon in a clay pot. IT wasn’t bacon as us americans would expect, more of a fatty pork but totally yummy.

Carmalize Shrimp & Bacon

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask how spicy my dish was and let’s just say I’m glad for the hearty portion of steamed rice that came with my dinner. And that’s after I removed all these chilies!

Chilis removed from my dinner

With tip, the dinner ran about $40. It was more than we had planned on spending but it was totally worth it.


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