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Friday Video: Nebraska Innovation Campus Greenhouse

Driving by this huge greenhouse lit by purple lights at night is wonderful. Some day

Skrillex spins at outdoor concert

Read the article @

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Lincoln, NE in 1993 & 2012


Pho Factory has amazing food

Yesterday, Mary and I ended up having dinner at Pho Factory on N 27th here

On the Next Tech Talk: Google Apps for Education

This presentation will share the lessons learned in introducing the GAFE (Google Apps for Education) products to fourth grade students earlier this spring. Presenter: Cynthia Stogdill: School Librarian at Bellfield/Milliken Park Elementary at Fremont (NE) Public Schools. Tech Nerd, Cat Lover, and Massive Reader. Passionate about teaching research and authentic learning. Register now. In this monthly feature […]

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Browse old newspapers via Google News

Did you know that Google News has an amazing archive of scanned newspapers from the mid-1800s through the early 2000s? Availability of issues varies significantly from title to title but is completely browseable and searchable. Check it out @

Snowball Fight Zone

I didn’t know this was a “thing” in Lincoln…

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November sunset

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UNL Print Services offers new 3-D option

Printing has entered the z-axis. Having purchased a desktop 3-D printer in August, Print Services is

Watch Out For E15 Fuel That’s Bad For Your Snowblower And Lawn Mower

In many parts of the country, it’s time to put your lawn mower away for the winter if you haven’t already. You should have run the equipment until the gas tank is empty before putting the items away for the year. What you may not know is that the gas you use all season long […]