Ever wonder what YouTube thinks of your ISP?

The other night I was experiencing issues with playing a YouTube video (terminal buffering) and a link appeared beneath the video offering me an “explaination” for why I was having trouble. That link took me to the Google Video Quality Report.

I’m guessing it’s been around for a while but this is the first I’ve run into it. Basically you’re told how well your ISP handles the various quality levels of YouTube videos along with info on traffic levels throughout the day.


Google Video Quality Report - NE DAS

Clicking the “Compare Providers in Your Area” tab gets you a listing of other local ISPs for which you can see their data. In my case I’m trying to “compare” the state’s network to my home ISP and Google points that out to me with a warning that it’s a bit unrealistic.)

Google Video Quality Report - Windstream

It looks like YouTube watching by Nebraska state employees peaks about 2pm, where residents of Lincoln peak about 9pm. Makes sense to me.

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