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University of Nebraska won’t play along

I can’t say that living in Lincoln is going to turn me into a Huskers

Nebraska Library Map – Attempt #1

Here’s my first attempt. A bunch didn’t make it through the Geocoding process, I’m not

Snow in Lincoln

I noticed this before but now that I actually live here it’s totally blogable. People

Catching up

Yes, as has just been point out in a comment to my last post, today

E-mail me in Nebraska

My NLC address now works: msauers[at]nlc.state.ne.us

"The Move" updates

I’m back from a weekend trip to Lincoln to find a place to live and

Library Website Hall of Fame

The Library Success Wiki has a Library Website Hall of Fame section. Two BCR region

It must be official…

…as the Nebraska Library Commissions has officially announced my appointment.

Special announcement (Yes, read this one.)

As you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging much for the past week and