July 18th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

Lincoln 003-hdr…and What They Say About You

Sunken Gardens You are romantic and thoughtful. Walk slowly and stop at least once to sit on a bench or planter edge. There will be bugs; react to them with patience or indifference, unless your date likes the vulnerable, weenie type. Find an opportunity to surreptitiously snip off a flower that you can slide behind your date’s ear. Playfully pretending to push your date into the water says you are fun; actually pushing your date into the water says you take things too far.

It gets better from there. Check them all out on Lincolnite.com.

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June 2nd, 2013 by Michael Sauers


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May 15th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

Lindsey TomsuThree cheers for Miskatonic University! That’s the rallying cry of the La Vista Public Library (NE)’s teen advisory board—who, under the exuberant guidance of youth librarian and advisor Lindsey Tomsu, a 2013 Library Journal Mover & Shaker—turned its 2012 Teen Read Week into a massive celebration of the works of H. P. Lovecraft, complete with crafts, workshops, and a life-sized version of the complex, cooperative Arkham Horror board game based on the Cthulhu Mythos. The event was so successful and engaging that the teens hope to repeat it every year.

“I like complex board games for teens because they teach a variety of different skills in a fun setting,” Tomsu tells School Library Journal.  “Arkham involves teamwork (since it is players versus the board), lots of reading, mathematical skills, and critical thinking.”

In Arkham Horror, up to eight players take on the roles of investigators in 1920s Prohibition-era Arkham, MA, the fictional town where Lovecraft set many of his stories, Tomsu explains. Each investigator has a special occupation—such as chef, archeologist, explorer, and librarian—and his or her own special abilities and talents. “The goal of the game,” Tomsu says, “is for the players to work together to kill monsters and stop gates to other dimensions from opening. If they fail, the Ancient One (a super tough monster) will awaken and attempt to take over the world.”

Says teen advisory board member Keyahna Wood, “I like that we work as a team to win,” while Mary Bragg says, “It is more complex than most normal board games and a lot more challenging.” Huyen-Yen Hoang agrees: “It’s awesome. It is fun and complex but in an easy-to-understand way.”

Read the full article (especially to check out the foul Hounds of Tindalos,) @ SchoolLibraryJournal.

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May 15th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

Killing JokeA Nebraska public library has rejected a request to either remove Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Batman: The Killing Joke from shelves or move the 1988 DC Comics one-shot out of the young-adult area.

“I don’t find it worthy of being removed from the shelf,” the Columbus Telegram quotes Columbus Public Library board member Carol Keller as saying at last week’s meeting.

A patron had objected to the comic, saying it was “very adult” and “advocates rape and violence.” However, in a 3-0 vote (two members were absent), the board disagreed, contending that many prose books and comics depict violence, and that the patron’s interpretation of rape was “misconstrued.”

Read the full article @ ComicBookResources.com. You can also check out the traction this story is getting on Twitter.

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May 9th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

The phone call came at 3:30 a.m. with the shocking news:

The storm blew the roof off the library.

My library? 

That was Janet Stoeger Wilke’s first thought. She is the dean of the library at UNK. She phoned Dee Urwiller, who coordinates the emergency plans for the library, and both rushed there to help save its books.

Water damages books.

And books are the lifeblood of the library.

The April storm with its 78-mph winds blew much of the roof off of UNK’s Calvin T. Ryan Library.

Rain flowed into the library along the seam that joins the 1963 half of the building with the 1983 addition. The seam is above the center of the main book collection on the second floor.

The water damaged at least 6,259 books.

Read the full article @ CampaignForNebraska.org.

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April 26th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

It’s Arbor Day and here in Nebraska it’s a state holiday so I’ve got a day off. The folks at Woot.com however, are doing their best to help us all make Arbor Day sexy. Here’s their advice:

Sexy Arbor Day

More @ woot.com.


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April 22nd, 2013 by Michael Sauers

Care to join me at this event on the UNL campus Thursday morning? (Click the image for more details.)

Third Space, Third Place Libraries at the Center of Campus Life

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April 21st, 2013 by Michael Sauers

change.org logoHelp fund ebooks and electronic databases for Nebraska residents!

There are three requests that need to be funded:

1. NEW direct state funding for ebook and eaudio for public libraries. The request is for $925,000 or $.50 per person. This means more ebooks to check out for free!

2. NebraskAccess. Help Nebraska residents find the information they need. $25,461 for database subscriptions. $141,085 for access to eLibrary or similar database for public and private schools. The internet does not always give reliable information but these databases do!

3. Regional Library Systems. $90,000 to fund these valuable institutions that help unite libraries across the state. The six systems were established to provide access to improved library services through the cooperation of all types of libraries and media centers within the counties included in each System area.

Sign the petition @ Change.org.

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April 20th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

Registration is now open for the 2013 Association for Rural & Small Libraries conference being held in Omaha, NE, September 25-28. My colleague Laura Johnson and I will be presenting a pre-conference workshop on creating video booktalks for libraries, so I encourage you to spend the extra $35 and join us for what should be a very fun session.


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April 18th, 2013 by Michael Sauers


The Nebraska Southeast Library System (SELS) seeks a creative, energetic individual with a strong public service orientation. Enthusiasm, flexibility, and self-motivation are essential. A dynamic leader with a strong vision of the future of libraries is desired. The successful candidate will support and lead service-oriented, user-focused, and collegial systems working collaboratively with each other and their communities to promote and advance the impact of libraries in the state of Nebraska. The Executive Director works in cooperation with the Nebraska Library Commission and the Nebraska Regional Library Systems. The candidate should have a record of proven successes in supervision, budget management and staff development activities as well as familiarity with developing and assessing library educational programs. Our successful candidate will embrace emerging twenty-first century tools and technologies and will have the ability to adapt to a wide variety of local and consortia procedures and projects. The SELS Executive Director will supervise one part-time administrative assistant.

Master’s Degree from an ALA-accredited institution and (3-5 years) experience in a variety of areas in  library operations.  A track record of progressively more responsible administrative experience, preferably with a breadth of knowledge in various types of libraries (public, academic, school, and special, rural and urban) with an emphasis on visioning, budget management, and staff development is required. Strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. Demonstrated knowledge of information technology as it relates to libraries and the ability to effectively communicate with technologists, administration, and library staff about technology. Valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.  This position is bonded.

Essential knowledge, skills and abilities include: knowledge of contemporary best practices for libraries; knowledge of budget preparation, maintenance, forecasting and organizational skills; knowledge of electronic resources and technology; excellent interpersonal and communication/listening skills; collaboration and consensus building skills; and skill in leading a diverse team of library professionals in setting and achieving goals.

Broad knowledge of technology. Working knowledge of laws and policies relevant to libraries and to non-profit organizations.

$45,000/yr., plus 17% stipend for benefits.

Applicants must submit electronic application materials online to sels@gmail.com

Applications should include: letter of application, resume, statement of philosophy of librarianship and names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of three professional references. Review of applicants begins May 21, 2013. Questions can be directed to sels@gmail.com

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