Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Windows 10 Technical Preview

The first technical preview of Windows 10 (yes, they’re skipping Windows 9) has been released and Michael has been testing it. Join us for a tour of Windows 10 with a look at the new features and the differences you’ll need to be aware of whether you’re currently using Windows Vista, 7, or 8.1.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview screenshots

I’ve got the technical preview of Windows 10 up and running on some spare hardware. The process was painless on a Core 2 Duo with only 2GB of RAM and took less than 15 minutes including logging into my Microsoft account and the syncing of settings. Here are my screenshots showing features that differ from Win 8.1. (Not shown: The fact that you can resize the start menu vertically and additional tiles will expand it to the right.)

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Tuesday Tech Tip: Shake that window

Windows 8 logoYou’ve got half a dozen windows open on your desktop and you want to minimize all but one of them. Previously, I would have done a Win+M and then clicked on the one I wanted in the task bar. But, there’s an easier way. Click on the title bar of the window you want and give the window a little shake with your mouse. All of the other windows will minimize leaving just the one you want. Admittedly, this is a but harder with a laptop’s touchpad. (I’ve tested this as far back as Vista and it works just fine.)

Tuesday Tech Tip: What’s Waking Your Computer

LastwakeLately I’ve been putting my desktop to sleep at night, having moved most of the 24/7 functions to our home media server. However, every so often, the computer’s been awakened sometime in the night, despite my having most definitely not moved the mouse or touched the keyboard. So, how can I find out what caused the wake up command to be issued? Welcome to the powercfg -lastwake command. This will report what last caused the computer to wake up. For more on what to do next, and how to control what can and cannot wake up your computer, check out “How To Prevent Your Computer From Waking Up Accidentally” from How To Geek.

Tuesday Tech Tip: Fix Windows folder unresponsive/slow behavior, green loading bar

Folder Properties CustomizeSometimes when you open Windows Explorer you get a green progress bar in the windows location bar. If you find the happening in a particular folder on a regular basis, there is a solution:

  1. Open the folder in question.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click the Customize tab.
  4. Windows 8: Choose “General items” from the “Optimize this folder for:” drop-down.
    Windows 7: Choose “All items” from the “Use this folder type as template:” drop-down.
  5. Click OK

For a full explanation of the problem and how this fixes the problem, check out the article @

Google Cloud Print now available sans Chrome

Public+PrintingHave you ever needed to print a boarding pass, whitepaper, or speech, and didn’t have your computer at hand? Google Cloud Print helps you print from anywhere to anywhere using any device, and we’ve recently made several improvements on that front.

First, if you have an Android smartphone or tablet, we’ve released the Cloud Print app in Google Play to make it easier to print documents and files on the go.

Second, if you work out of different offices or other public spaces like a school, you can now easily share a printer with anyone nearby, by simply publishing a link.

In addition, we’re releasing two new tools today to make it even easier to print anywhere, anytime. The first, Google Cloud Printer, makes it possible to print to any of your cloud printers from Windows applications such as Adobe Reader.

The second, Google Cloud Print Service, runs as a Windows service so administrators can easily connect existing printers to Google Cloud Print in their businesses and schools.

Read the full article @ Google Chrome Blog.

Tuesday Tech Tip: Prioritize Your Wired Connection

connectivityIs you have a laptop you’re probably using a WiFi connection most of the time. But there are situation when you’re connected to an Ethernet cable since that will give you a much faster connection. (For example, I plug in when my laptop is on my desk in my office, but usually on the WiFi anywhere else.) However, depending on how Windows networking is configured, even if you connect a wire, it may still us the WiFi connection.

According to Lifehacker, follow these steps to give your Ethernet connection priority so whenever you’re wired, Windows will be sure to use that wire.

  • Go to Network Connections under the Control Panel
  • Under the file menu, go to Advanced > Advanced Settings
  • In the Adapters and Bindings tab, click on the connection you want prioritized (e.g., the ethernet connection) and use the up arrow to move it to the top of the list
  • OK