Tuesday Tech Tip: Prioritize Your Wired Connection

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Is you have a laptop you’re probably using a WiFi connection most of the time. But there are situation when you’re connected to an Ethernet cable since that will give you a much faster connection. (For example, I plug in when my laptop is on my desk in my office, but usually on the WiFi anywhere else.) However, depending on how Windows networking is configured, even if you connect a wire, it may still us the WiFi connection.

According to Lifehacker, follow these steps to give your Ethernet connection priority so whenever you’re wired, Windows will be sure to use that wire.

  • Go to Network Connections under the Control Panel
  • Under the file menu, go to Advanced > Advanced Settings
  • In the Adapters and Bindings tab, click on the connection you want prioritized (e.g., the ethernet connection) and use the up arrow to move it to the top of the list
  • OK

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