• The Spookiest Little Publisher in the World

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    I must say that I am proud to have two forthcoming books that will be published by Cemetery Dance. Like most genre fiction, horror is sometimes art, often craft, and too often (thank you, Internet) crap. Since its early days, Cemetery Dance has had pick of the litter: it receives more than 5,000 stories...

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    Throwback Thuesday: Application of a telereference system to divisional library card catalogs

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    Application of a telereference system to divisional library card catalogs

    This is an artist’s conception of a proposal to make the card catalog viewable from divisional libraries elsewhere on campus through a closed-circuit TV system. Here are some quotes from “Application of a telereference system to divisional library card catalogs : a feasibility analysis : final report” explaining it. 1. INTRODUCTION On October 2,...

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    Univeristy of Iowa Libraries to digitize 10,000 Science Fiction fanzines

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    Havelin Collection

    The University of Iowa Libraries has announced a major digitization initiative, in partnership with the UI Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. 10,000 science fiction fanzines will be digitized from the James L. “Rusty” Hevelin Collection, representing the entire history of science fiction as a popular genre and providing the...

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    On the next Tech Talk: Using the Arduino to Develop Coding Literacy in Libraries

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    In this talk, John LeMasney will discuss the trials, tribulations, and successes of creating and teaching classes on Arduino as programming at several New Jersey libraries across the state. Arduino is an open source hardware platform for learning about and making electronics prototypes to scratch your own itch. It is a well-supported, low-threshold-of-entry approach...

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    Friday Video: Through the Ground Glass

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    Through the Ground Glass

    A vignette about a large format photographer. Photographer: Joseph Allen Freeman joefreemanjunior.com Producer/Co-Director: Nick Bolton Cinematographer/Co-Director: Taylor Hawkins This video was graded with FilmConvert. It has been entered into their 2014 Cinematography competition. Please vote for us if you enjoyed the film. filmconvert.com/Competition_2014/Video.aspx?id=896&order_by=picks If you’d like a contact print from the negative featured in...

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