Master of Muppets
by Michael Sauers

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The Guarding is Hiring
by Michael Sauers

And you can figure that our via view source on their Web site…

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FitBit Logo
by Michael Sauers

Not sure what took so long but FitBit finally e-mailed me an info graphic for my 2015 stats. Better late

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Drive Home 2016.02.27 (8)
by Michael Sauers

This time of the year I’m discovering that driving home from work (a.k.a. driving West) from 5-6pm isn’t exactly optimal,

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by Michael Sauers

From Darwin, the discoverer. He did not mean to rock the world. He meant only to know the truth.

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I miss Kansas
by Michael Sauers

Because you can’t get enough of the rains down in Africa, I present you with this Toto video trifecta:

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That little idea of mine
by Michael Sauers

Check this out this photo from November 2011. The fifth Big Talk From Small Libraries will be held in less

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Guardians 1999
by Michael Sauers

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Kindle Killed The Library Book
by Michael Sauers

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Stolen Angels by Shaun Hutson
by Michael Sauers

From Catherine and Phillip believe that the suicides of three men, the desecrations of a number of children’s graves,

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