• Squirrel!

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    Flickr logoThis morning when I parked my car this guy was just sitting there eating his nut without a care in the world. Yes, I’ve got a great zoom on my camera, but I got within 5 feet of this guy without him even twitching at my presence. It wasn’t until a car drove by that he hopped up into the tree.

    House budget proposal dismisses role of IMLS

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    Paul RyanWASHINGTON, D.C.—In a new budget released today from Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), the House Budget Committee Chairman denounces the critical role that the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) plays in supporting civic engagement, literacy and lifelong learning in more than 123,000 libraries nationwide. Rep. Ryan recommends that the federal government not have a role in libraries and that Congress shift the federal agency’s responsibilities to the private sector in his 2015 fiscal year budget resolution.

    Today, American Library Association (ALA) President Barbara Stripling released the following statement in response to Rep. Ryan’s budget (pdf):

    “We were shocked to learn that Representative Paul Ryan recommended eliminating IMLS, the agency that promotes library services for the American public. We are disappointed by the House Budget Committee’s outright dismissal of IMLS, the agency that administers the primary source of federal funding to libraries. Libraries depend on the support they receive from IMLS to help patrons learn new skills, find job opportunities and access reading materials that they otherwise could not afford. More than $180 million has been appropriated to the Institute for Museum and Library Services through September 2014 to help libraries make information and services available to the citizens they serve.

    Read the full press release @ ALA.org.

    Tuesday Tech Tip: Cloud storage that’s actually secure

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    WualaI’ve blogged about Wuala before but in light of the recent news about Dropbox checking for the sharing of copyrighted material, which I agree with some isn’t really that big of a controversy, some may still want a more secure way to store and share in the cloud.

    Wuala works just like Dropbox but completely encrypts any content you put into it. Be aware though, that by doign this the program is a bit slower (as it needs to encrypt on upload and decrypt on download,) and, more importantly, if you loose your encryption key, your content goes with it.