• Friday Video: Lego & Gender

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    LEGO announced that after 4 years of intensive research, they have finally come up with a LEGO product that fulfills the desires of “how girls naturally build and play.” This new theme is called LEGO Friends and it’s a pink and purple, gender segregated, suburban wasteland populated by Barbie/Bratz style dolls.  Many parents, educators, feminists, and media critics have spoken out against LEGOs attempts to separate girls into their own stereotypical isolated enclave within the LEGO universe.

    In part 1 of my two part LEGO and Gender series, I’ll explore how LEGO went terribly wrong with LEGO Friends and provide a brief history of LEGO’s ridiculous and slightly hilarious attempts to market to girls since the late 70’s.  In part 2 I’ll delve into LEGO’s intentional strategy to market almost exclusively to boys since the mid 80’s by developing and marketing sets that are male identified and male centered.  In conclusion, I’ll offer LEGO a couple of suggestions that they can consider when creating and marketing new products.

    In part 2, I delve into how LEGO shifted their products from their initial relatively, gender neutral building experience to a more male dominated and male identified one.  The LEGO group intentionally did this in three ways: 1. Marketing exclusively to boys, 2. Producing male identified and centered themes and sets and 3. Focusing on stereotypical boys play scenarios with an emphasis on combat.  The strong focus on boys has effectively kicked girls out of the LEGO club house. Keep watching until the end where I provide a few suggestions to LEGO on how to fix their gender segregation problem.

    From 2012 but still completely relevant. More @ Feminist Frequency.

    Want to archive something for a millennia? Write it in stone.

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    Now the M-DISC™ comes in a 25GB Blu-ray!  With all of the longevity benefits of our original DVD, the Blu-ray gives you over five times the storage capacity on one disc. As technology rapidly advances, we’re living longer, doing more, creating more memories and recording more data. Every scrapbooker, business owner, photographer, every person fears...

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    Was CCC formed “at the suggestion of Congress”?

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    I’ve had several problems with the CCC over the years, and this isn’t helping… As I was reading Roy Kaufmann’s testimony on behalf of the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) at the recent Congressional hearing on “Copyright Issues in Education and for the Visually Impaired,” I was struck by CCC’s boilerplate statement that it “was...

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    (excluding e-mail)?

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    Honestly, my answer wouldn’t change, but seriously Arbitron, this question makes no sense these days. (Excuse me while I go check my e-mail separately from using the Internet.)

    Excluding e-mail