• anonabox : a Tor hardware router

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    So what IS the anonabox? The anonabox is a networking device that provides anonymous Internet access and encryption, and helps to bypass censorship in places where access to the Internet is limited. Reliable Anonymity The anonabox has been developed and refined for the sole purpose of running the open source software Tor, considered the...

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    Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Windows 10 Technical Preview

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    The first technical preview of Windows 10 (yes, they’re skipping Windows 9) has been released and Michael has been testing it. Join us for a tour of Windows 10 with a look at the new features and the differences you’ll need to be aware of whether you’re currently using Windows Vista, 7, or 8.1.

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    Tuesday Tech Tip: Drawing Special Characters in Google Docs

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    Draw a special character in Google DocsNeed to enter a special character into a Google Doc? Sure you can select the Insert menu then Special Characters, but then you’ve got to browse through thousands of characters to find the one you’re looking for. But, did you know you can draw the character you’re looking for and that Google will supply you with a short list of possible matches to select from? (Click image for demo or get more info from Google support.)