Windows 10 Technical Preview screenshots

I’ve got the technical preview of Windows 10 up and running on some spare hardware. The process was painless on a Core 2 Duo with only 2GB of RAM and took less than 15 minutes including logging into my Microsoft account and the syncing of settings. Here are my screenshots showing features that differ from Win 8.1. (Not shown: The fact that you can resize the start menu vertically and additional tiles will expand it to the right.)

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  1. When
    I say online, I mean in the Cloud. As that’s what the Cloud is online, not on PC. You don’t own anything you pay to use it each month..

  2. Windows 10, at this point, and I have read nothing to indicate otherwise, is not a cloud OS. I downloaded it, burned it to a DVD, and installed it on a blank machine. So far all indications are that 8.1 users will get 10 through the Windows Update process (just like moving from 8 to 8.1) but that doesn’t make it a cloud OS.

  3. I hpe Windows 10 not in te Cloud, but for now I’ll stick wit 8 and wat for more input.

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