iTunes & Vista

Some of you have been waiting for this post and I’ve finally got around to writing. So, how’s iTunes working with Vista in my case? No so well. Here’s the details based on what I’ve been experiencing.

First, when I run the program I’m told that it’s running in compatibility mode. Trouble is, I’ve not set that option so I have no idea why I’m being told this.
iTunes in Vista 01

Next, I’m informed that iTunes is no longer my default audio player and offered an option to go to the screen that will change these settings.
iTunes in Vista 02
However, once I get there I see no way to make iTunes my default.
iTunes in Vista 03
There may be a way to fix this but I’m not seeing it. Why can’t I just tell iTunes to set itself as the default like I can with other programs?

Once iTunes is running it usually works for several minutes. Then, the display problems start. They’re inconsistent but these are some of the problems I usually see.

Here I’ve inserted a CD and the window that you can see through is the one that’s asking me if I wish to import the CD:
iTunes in Vista 04

Here the vertical lines separating the tracks have disappeared and the vertical lines have gone bold.
iTunes in Vista 05

In this example I’ve selected a single track. Instead of highlighting the track, the track’s information disappears.
iTunes in Vista 06

Here we have all tracks but one selected. Only the unselected track shows information.
iTunes in Vista 07

When I try to import album artwork, it doesn’t show up in the right place, it appears in the upper-left corner of the window instead.
iTunes in Vista 08

Sometimes when I try to update track information (this is the result off adding the previously illustrated album artwork) I’m told that the data can’t be saved. The data does appear to be saved regardless of this message.
iTunes in Vista 09

Lastly, on close, the program crashes.
iTunes in Vista 10

I’ve not tried to actually sync my iPod yet. I’m using this as an opportunity to get caught up on my podcast backlog. Here’s hoping apple releases an upgrade soon.

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