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Waking up just got an upgrade

Then (this morning): Now (tomorrow morning): Header image CC Clemens v. Vogelsang

Tuesday Tech Tip: Presenting from an iPad using AirPlay

Today was my first time using an iPad to demo an app using an AppliTV

Tuesday Tech Tip: Camera Grid-lines in iOS7

Here’s an Apple-product tech tip. If you’d like to see gridlines in the camera app you can turn them on, but not in the camera app. Head to Settings, then Photos & Camera. There you’ll find an on/off slider labeled Grid. Change accordingly.   

Apple’s mobile devices have a secret list of “sensitive” words that don’t autocomplete

It’s stuff like this that makes me less and less likely to ever buy another Apple device. The Daily Beast investigated the autocomplete on Apple Ios devices (Iphones, Ipads, etc), and discovered that there was a long list of “sensitive” words that the devices have in their dictionary but would not autocomplete — you would have […]

Judge: Apple Conspired To Price-Fix eBooks

U.S. District Judge Denise L. Cote’s ruling in the non-jury trial sets back what Apple

Apple’s prudish ways

In our eReader workshop yesterday several students early on in the day got the impression that I was an Apple fanboy. When I quickly disabused them of that idea, they asked why I wasn’t. One of the main reasons I gave was the company’s prudish nature to what can go on their devices. My co-presenter […]

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DOJ: Steve Jobs E-Mails Show That Apple Engaged In E-Book Price-Fixing

Both the publishers and Apple have denied any collusion, but a newly uncovered e-mail from

Who Has Your Back?

When you use the Internet, you entrust your conversations, thoughts, experiences, locations, photos, and more to companies like Google, AT&T and Facebook. But what do these companies do when the government demands your private information? Do they stand with you? Do they let you know what’s going on? In this annual report, the Electronic Frontier Foundation […]