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“The Tolkien Professor” Presents Three Free Courses on The Lord of the Rings

A quick update: Last year, we told you about Corey Olsen, an English Professor at Washington College, who started publishing online lectures on the writing of J.R.R. Tolkien. We initially featured his lecture series on The Hobbit. Now “The Tolkien Professor,” as Olsen is otherwise known, presents a series of online courses on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Read […]

Rare Beatles tracks briefly on sale to keep them out of the public domain for another 20 years

More proof that the current system does not benefit the public: Dozens of demo recordings, studio outtakes and some 1963 BBC performances by the Beatles are temporarily released for sale online today, in a bid to protect the rare tracks from falling into the public domain next year. Known as The Beatles: Bootleg Recordings 1963, the release encompassed […]

SimplifyMedia for Vista

Yes, even us folks running Vista can now share our iTunes libraries over the Internet

More on Simplify Media

As I posted yesterday, Simplify Media allows you to share your iTunes library over the

Listen to your home iTunes library from almost anywhere

I’ve got gigs and gigs of music on my home desktop. I’ve got some podcasts

When it comes to Vista, updated drivers are very important

I’ve seen the article Speed Up Windows Vista from ExtremeTech blogged about several other places

iTunes & Vista

iTunes & Vista Originally uploaded by Travelin’ Librarian. Well, I updated to version 7.1.1 today

iTunes & Vista

Just when you think the display “problems” can’t get any worse, exhibit A:

iTunes & Vista – Part 2

Over the weekend I finally upgraded iTunes to version 7.1, the one that supposedly solves

iTunes & Vista – Update from Apple

As of yesterday, Apple has released iTunes 7.1 which supposedly addresses a number of compatibility