I help organizations hire people — and watch white candidates get favored again and again By Leniece F. Brissett

Over the years, I’ve recruited the best and brightest leaders for some of our nation’s highest-performing edtech startups, school districts, nonprofits, and charter management organizations. I’ve earned a seat at the table with boards, CEOs, and executive directors, which has allowed me to see firsthand how whiteness is advantaged, often subconsciously, in recruitment, selection, and hiring processes.

I founded Compass Talent Group, a national talent management firm that is dedicated to building diverse and inclusive leadership teams for education organizations, rooted in the belief that the most harrowing challenges faced in the education sector can be overcome with leaders who bring diverse experiences, ways of thinking, and problem-solving strategies to the table. We intentionally cultivate candidates from diverse geographies, backgrounds, sectors, and institutions who reflect and understand the communities served by our clients.

Recently, I was working on a senior level search for a national nonprofit. My partner and I built a strong talent pool — we made sure we were aligned and calibrated with our client every step of the way and got the green light on each candidate during our weekly call.

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Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

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