Listen to your home iTunes library from almost anywhere

Sharing iTunes libraries online via Simplify MediaI’ve got gigs and gigs of music on my home desktop. I’ve got some podcasts and a few choice albums on my office desktop. If only I could listen to the music on my home PC at work. Or, better yet, on my laptop while on the road. What would be totally amazing is the ability to listen to anything from the libraries of up to 30 of my friends. Wait. What? You mean Simplify Media has software that will let you do all these things? No F’in way! I gotta get me some of that!

My username is “travelinlibrarian” for those wanting to share. I’ll add anyone right now but when I hit the limit I’ll need to start cutting people so you’d better have some interesting music. Me, I’ve got more than a full week worth of Bowie for your listening pleasure. Also, you can not copy files between accounts so I think that’s how they’re “legal”. I’m still wondering how long it’ll be before someone sues them…

Sharing iTunes libraries online via Simplify Media

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