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A day of touchiness

Yesterday I tried to use just an iPod Touch to do my work. Surprisingly it

Posting via touch

Having not found a free blogging app that works with a Blogger blog that’s published

iPod song: two new verses

I’ve sent off my old busted iPod to buymybrokenipod.com. Two new iPod song verses have

Got a dead iPod sitting around?

Good think I didn’t toss my old, dead iPod. It looks like BuyMyBrokeniPod.com is willing

The iPod Song (a new verse)

I wish I were a little apple ipod Whether podcasting or belting out a tune

CIL2007: Trends in Mobile Tools & Applications for Libraries

Megan Fox, Simmons College, (fox@simmons.edu) web.simmons.edu/~fox/mobile Patrons want and demand mobile on-demand services Mobile Market

CIL2007: Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets

Barbara Fullerton, 10-K Wizard, Sabrina Pacifici, LLRX.com, and Aaron Schmidt, North Plains Public Library Simplify!

New laptop bag

I’ve been wanting/needing a new laptop bag for a while and it finally arrived today.

Twin Lakes, CO

After several attempts, one of my photos of Twin Lakes, CO was finally deemed worth

iTunes & Vista – Part 2

Over the weekend I finally upgraded iTunes to version 7.1, the one that supposedly solves