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One reason not to get a “home” version of Vista

Turns out that despite the fact that at home I’ve got an x64 quad-core PC

The first 72 hours with 64 bits -or- Taking the Ferrari to the corner for milk

As some of you may have read on FriendFeed and Twitter, after six years, I

Cloning Windows Vista using the Sysprep tool

So I’ve previously cloned the thirteen Vista computers in out lab without any significant problems.

The Mojave Experiment

It’s been said that most people who think that Vista sucks haven’t actually used it. 

Boot Vista faster with multiple cores

If you’ve got a multi-core computer (2, 4, 8, whatever) and you’re running Vista, here’s

Only Twhirl annoyance solved

I use Twhirl as my Twitter client. I love it. The only problem I found

Your OS is no longer valid

One of the things I learned at IL2007 (I’ll get to that post eventually) was

New things in Vista

I’m going to start posting semi-regularly about the sometime subtle yet wonderful changes from XP

Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard

Last week I realized that there was a down side to how I’d hooked up

Aero & batteries

I’ve heard many complaints about running Vista’s Aero interface and the negative impact it has