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On the next Tech Talk: Branding Your School w/ Twitter

Make the power of social media work for your district to tell your story, celebrate

On the Next Tech Talk: Google Apps for Education

This presentation will share the lessons learned in introducing the GAFE (Google Apps for Education) products to fourth grade students earlier this spring. Presenter: Cynthia Stogdill: School Librarian at Bellfield/Milliken Park Elementary at Fremont (NE) Public Schools. Tech Nerd, Cat Lover, and Massive Reader. Passionate about teaching research and authentic learning. Register now. In this monthly feature […]

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What 60 Schools Can Tell Us About Teaching 21st Century Skills

Published on Mar 20, 2013 The rate of change in the world demands that we re-imagine and restructure the foundational learning relationship among students, teachers, and knowledge. In September 2012, pursuing a decades-long passion for transformational education, Grant packed up his Prius and set off on a solo, nationwide research tour to discover what schools are […]

Ebooks are actually not books—schools among first to realize

As one person said on Facebook…. “Duh!” Digital books are triggering tectonic shifts in education. One of the most fundamental, yet seemingly invisible, shifts is happening in the back rooms of district offices—not in the classrooms, not among teachers and students, and definitely not in the board rooms of most big-name publishers and textbook companies. This profound, […]

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Amazon Now Allows Schools to Buy Apps in Bulk (for tablets) with Whispercast

  Amazon launched its Whispercast for Kindle tablets a few months ago and this new

Petition Response: Supporting School Libraries and the Critical Role They Play

Supporting School Libraries and the Critical Role They Play By Roberto Rodriguez, Special Assistant to the

Dealing with access problems in schools

The Free Technology for Teachers blog has a great story about filters blocking social services