Ebooks are actually not books—schools among first to realize

eBookAs one person said on Facebook…. “Duh!”

Digital books are triggering tectonic shifts in education. One of the most fundamental, yet seemingly invisible, shifts is happening in the back rooms of district offices—not in the classrooms, not among teachers and students, and definitely not in the board rooms of most big-name publishers and textbook companies.

This profound, significant change is happening first in school district business offices, IT departments, and cubicles among staff members who work behind the scenes to acquire materials for today’s students.

What exactly is this shift? It’s a shift in awareness. A very subtle, yet primary, change in perception.

It’s the revelation of the idea that  ebooks  are not books at all.

That’s right, ebooks are not books.

If ebooks are not books, what are they?

Ebooks are actually software. School acquisition professionals are realizing this before most other people in education. In fact, it seems like they’re realizing this before it’s dawning on most book publishers. (Read about one publisher that already understands this, and has built a distribution model around this model in Part Two of this article—Streaming Ebooks: A New Distribution Model For Schools.)

Here’s the view of the situation from the district back room

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