Windows 10 Technical Preview EULA & that keylogger

In my Windows 10 presentation yesterday a question was asked about the Windows 10 Technical Preview having a keylogger. I said it did and that I remember clicking through a EULA as part of the install. Well, I happened to have taken a photo of the screen I recall clicking OK on and here it is:

Windows 10 Technical Preview EULA

As you can guess, I did not click on the “learn more,” “privacy,” or “Customize” links so I can’t say exactly what’s there. However, the important line is the fifth one which said you’re helping to improve Microsoft by “sending us info.” And yes, that includes a keylogger. If you’d like more info on just why there’s a keylogger, check out the ‘Microsoft clears the air on Windows 10 “keylogger”‘ article from Den of Geek.

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