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Friday Video: A Futuristic Vision of the Age of Holograms

Explore a speculative digital world without screens in this fanciful demo, a mix of near

Tuesday Tech Tip: Windows 10 Q&A

Wondering about how the Windows 10 upgrade is going to work, how much it’s going

Throwback Thursday: Anyone need to learn Outlook 2000?

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

My lovely wife got me a keyboard for my birthday: The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard.

Windows 10 Technical Preview EULA & that keylogger

In my Windows 10 presentation yesterday a question was asked about the Windows 10 Technical

Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Windows 10 Technical Preview

The first technical preview of Windows 10 (yes, they’re skipping Windows 9) has been released and Michael has been testing it. Join us for a tour of Windows 10 with a look at the new features and the differences you’ll need to be aware of whether you’re currently using Windows Vista, 7, or 8.1. Show Links […]

Tuesday Tech Tip: How to get the Windows 10 Technical Preview

Have a spare machine you can use to test Windows 10? If so, you can

Friday Video: Windows 10 Technical Preview

Two videos this week. The first is the very short intro to Windows 10 and the second is the full live presentation from September 30th.

Windows 10 Technical Preview screenshots

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I’ve got the technical preview of Windows 10 up and running on some spare hardware. The process was painless on a Core 2 Duo with only 2GB of RAM and took less than 15 minutes including logging into my Microsoft account and the syncing of settings. Here are my screenshots showing features that differ from […]