Hasbro Won’t Mind If You Design (And Sell) Your Own 3D-Printed Toys

MyLittlePony - Spike, Take a LetterThe advent of online file sharing made it easy for anyone to copy and distribute media for free, and many feel—and fear—that 3D printing will eventually do the same for physical products. So it’s surprisingly refreshing to hear that a corporation like Hasbro has decided to embrace 3D printing, and will work with Shapeways to allow fans to design and sell their own toys based on the company’s properties.

Timed to correspond with the start of Comic-Con later this week, this morning the two companies officially unveiled SuperFanArt, a dedicated website that will allow fans and artists to showcase their creations based on existing Hasbro toy lines, starting with My Little Pony. The site isn’t just a place for amateur designers to show off their creations, though. They’ll actually be able to sell them to the public, produced through Shapeways’ existing 3D printing infrastructure.

Read the full post @ Gizmodo.

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