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It never hurts to ask

About a month ago a friend pointed me to an article which used a photograph

Sci-Hub Ordered to Pay $15 Million in Piracy Damages

‘Pirate’ sites Sci-Hub and LibGen have been ordered to pay millions of dollars in damages

Wonderful copyright notice

All rights reserved. All lefts are reserved too. And while we’re reserving things, I’ll also

Throwback Thursday: FBI Warning

From The Pirate’s Dilemma, December 8, 2008

Copyright Clearance Center charges a mark-up

I’ve never been a big fan of the Copyright Clearance Center. This isn’t helping… I then

Pinterest follows through on DMCA takedown notice for 200×200 blank jpg

I just received this from Pinterst. Ignoring the fact that I don’t recall ever pinning

‘Let’s Go Crazy’ suit: Woman whose kitchen video was yanked from YouTube wins court ruling

Stephanie Lenz was in her kitchen in rural Pennsylvania, filming her two young children having

AP: Federal judge rules ‘Happy Birthday’ song in public domain

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge has ruled that the music publishing company that

The Copyright Office and the Orphan Works Report: Top Three Problems | Kyle K. Courtney

And that last statement, that the Copyright Office feels these best practices are “often are