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January 14th, 2015 by Michael Sauers

TolkienAs part of its vast collection of literary and historic treasures (the Magna Carta, Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook), the British Library owns some six million sound recordings, including significant theater productions, famous voices (like J.R.R. Tolkien’s), and field recordings of extinct animals. Some of them date back to the earliest and most fragile days of recording technology.

Now, as the Telegraph reports, the library is launching an urgent campaign to digitize and preserve its collection.

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June 14th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

Neil Gaiman and me, Nebula Awards, ChicagoThis week’s podcast heads into strange territory, guided by the Books site’s editor-for-a-day, Neil Gaiman.

First, we follow Damien Walter on the trail of Weird London, a parallel city that has been built on the banks of another Thames by writers of fantasy fiction. He explores why the capital has made such fertile ground for writers who look beyond the real, along with Tom Pollock, M John Harrison and the owner of the Atlantis Bookshop, Geraldine Beskin.

Back in the studio, Cory Doctorow outlines how the digital revolution is transforming writers’ lives. But how are authors to make money? The agent Jonny Geller and the head of Faber Digital, Henry Volans, investigate how writers can survive in a new publishing landscape.

We finish with a live reading by Neil Gaiman of the haunting story he contributed to the Guardian’s Water stories, Down to a Sunless Sea.

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June 14th, 2012 by Michael Sauers

I’m a Verizon customer and I’m currently grandfathered-in when it comes to an unlimited data plan. However, recently Verizon decided that the only way you’ll get to keep your unlimited plan in the future is to buy the phone for full price, or never upgrade the one I have now. If instead you want a new phone, you’ll have to start paying for your data under a “shared” plan (i.e. every device on your plan which for me right now is four,) with data caps and penalties for overages.

Yesterday I listened to that day’s episode of the Marketplace Tech Report podcast from American Public Media. turns out they actually got a Verizon spokesperson on the line to ask them to explain the changes. Even if you’re not a Verizon customer, you need to listen to this. The whole episode is only four minutes but the key bit starts at 1:13 and the best bit is at 2:13 with a simple question, “why?”

Now there’s a silence that says everything.

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June 30th, 2011 by Michael Sauers

This week’s episode of Search Engine is a great explanation of, and rumination on the spate of recent security breaches by groups like Anonymous and LulzSec. Don’t worry, the content isn’t technical in nature, more thoughts on why things are happening, what the results are, and what, if anything we should do about it. If nothing else, it’ll make you think.

Listen to the Search  Engine podcast Listen now:
LulzSec and the Infowar (.mp3)

LulzSec disbands- does it matter? Will the hacks stop? And if not- does this mean war?

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