How to Become a Terrible Library Patron in 5 Easy Steps

Rexs LibrisSome of you, I can tell, are like I was: dewy-eyed and idealistic. Those days are gone for me. I am now a terrible library patron, the kind that other readers are loath to encounter. How did I get here? It was easy.

Step 1: Set a Goal

I always liked comics, but until this summer, I’d never set about reading them with any real intent. So, spurred on by a bunch of Rioters doing their own deep comics dives, I decided to read as many landmark series as I could get my hands on. There are a lot of comics that fit this category. This is good. The bigger the goal, the more room there is go off the rails. Want to read twenty-five books about American Presidents? Every astronaut biography ever written? The complete Berenstain Bears? Go big or go home! (But don’t go home yet, because then the rest of the steps will be really hard to pull off.)

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