Google AJAX Feed API – Dynamic Feed Control Wizard

I’m a fan of Feed2JS and FeedDigest so I was skeptical that this one would be any different. Also, there are other tools that will make RSS-based tickers but those are mostly ad supported. This one is different in two ways.

First, it’s not directly ad supported. The resulting widget does display a Google logo but many libraries aren’t against that as opposed to more traditional ads for companies and/or services. (In this case, the Google logo is less an ad, more a credit for the service being used.)

Secondly, you don’t need to know the URL of the feed you’re sourcing. As shown in the screenshot below, I was able to pull in content from my blog, Tame the Web, and the NLC’s blog just by typing in their names. Google automatically did a search and found the feed URLs for me. How slick is that?

Google's Dynamic Feed Control Wizard

And here’s the result:


I’ll definitely be covering this tool in my RSS presentation at Internet Librarian this year.

Google AJAX Feed API – Dynamic Feed Control Wizard via RSS4LIB

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