Spy on the world’s web searches with a Google Trends screensaver

Google Search Trends VisualizationI’ve installed this as a screensaver on my laptop and it is interesting to watch but I’m not sure I’ll keep it for the long term. (If anything, I wish I could slow it down a notch or two.)

Google is all about searching. Well… not “all” about, but it’s what the company is known for. Any firm that logs information about how customers are using its services are usually berated, but Google Trends can provide a fascinating insight into how the rest of the world is using the internet. This tool has been available for a while but there’s now a sexy new full screen mode available — and you can turn it into a screensaver.

If you’ve ever been curious about what people in other parts of the world are searching for, head over to the full screen visualization tool and you can find out. At the bottom of the screen you can choose from one of several countries, or opt to see an overview of global searches.

By default you’ll be shown a single search at a time, displayed on a background in one of Google’s four colors. Want to see more? Whizz your mouse up to the upper left of the page and hover over the 3×3 grid icon that appears. In the popup you can then select a number of search tiles that should be displayed — each shows a different search term, and the display can become quite mesmerizing.
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