RaspberryPi: New accessories

I’ve been playing some more with my RaspberryPi and have since added a few more accessories: an HDMI-VGA adapter and a USB WiFi module. Both have worked flawlessly and needed no additional configuration at the OS level. Why did I add these? Basically since I have a speaking gig coming up in June during which I’ll be discussing the Pi and I figured it would be great to actually try to run my presentation (via Google Presentations) on the Pi. (Yes, I realize this is a potentially dangerous proposition and I will have a backup laptop available.) However, I’m thinking that the chances of me being able to either get an ethernet cable to connect to the hotel’s internet and/or be presented with a projector that accepts an HDMI connection were minimal at best so these accessories seemed a great idea.

RaspberryPi HDIM-VGA Adapter RaspberryPi USB WiFi Adapter

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