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Zappos: Tony Hsieh

Computer scientist Tony Hsieh made millions off the dot-com boom. But he didn’t make his mark

Fresh Air: How ‘One Nation’ Didn’t Become ‘Under God’ Until The ’50s Religious Revival

The words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and the phrase “In God we trust” on the back of a dollar bill haven’t been there as long as most Americans might think. Those references were inserted in the 1950s during the Eisenhower administration, the same decade that the National Prayer Breakfast was launched, according […]

Friday Video: Ira Glass (Talks @ Google)

Ira Glass is the award-winning host and executive producer of the documentary radio program “This American Life,” produced by Chicago Public Media and distributed by Public Radio International. The program began in 1995 and is now heard on over 500 public radio stations each week, by more than 3 million people, and is downloaded as […]

For You To Borrow, Some Libraries Have To Go Begging

Here’s the last of the summer library series from NPR, once again featuring Jessamyn West. More

At Libraries Across America, It’s Game On

There’s a battle going down at the of the Baltimore County Public Library system. It’s

Libraries’ Leading Roles: On Stage, On Screen And In Song

When I was 9, I spent a lot of time at a public library just

NPR: E-Books Strain Relations Between Libraries, Publishing Houses

E-books have strained the relations between libraries and the major publishing houses. Libraries say they’re