At Libraries Across America, It’s Game On

Guitar Hero (19)There’s a battle going down at the of the Baltimore County Public Library system. It’s a one-point game in the fourth quarter with only seconds left on the game clock. Huddled around a big screen in a small room, 10 or so teenagers cheer on their joystick-wielding buddies. The ball is snapped, the kick is up … no good. It’s wide right, and the crowd goes wild, trash talk flying.

Every Wednesday, battles like this one boil over at Sollers Point, where the weekly Xbox program for teens starts at 3:30 p.m. and ends at 5.

“If they’re being really good and the next shift can take over, they can stay until 5:30,” says Sollers Point librarian Liz Slack. Today, the kids get their extra half-hour.

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