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Tuesday Tech Tip: Find links via Firefox

Many people know that CTRL-F allows you to keyword search a Web page is all browsers, but did you know that Firefox has a way to keyword just the links in a Web page? Instead of CTRL-F, type the apostrophe (‘) key and the Quick Find (links only) field will appear at the bottom of […]

Firefox 21 is now available

Download from Mozilla or just head to About Firefox in your current copy.

Firefox 20 is now available

Mozilla has released Firefox 20 FINAL for Windows, Mac and Linux, and version 20 promises to be something of a landmark new release with a number of notable new features migrating across from the beta version. The headline new feature has to be the long-awaited panel-based download manager, but Firefox 20 also debuts per-window Private Browsing, plus new […]

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Is your browser HTML5-ready?

Thanks to Jason Clark for pointing me to html5test.com. Here’s the results I got which


I’ve not played with this much yet but it does look interesting. Ubiquity for Firefox from

Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3

Here’s a list of the included tips: Shrink the Super-sized Back Button Adjust the Smart Location

Why downloading Firefox is like getting into college

According to Seth Godin: This is true of bloggers, of Twitter users, of Flickr users… everywhere

Better YouTube Firefox Extension

Watch YouTube videos more efficiently with Better YouTube, a brand new Firefox extension that compiles