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Thinking of using Firefox in your library?

If not, you should be, IMHO. Anyway, here’s two somewhat technical articles related to this topic.

I’ve been peer-reviewed

My first peer-reviewed article “Firefox Search Plugins: Searching Your Library in the Browser” has just

BitTorrent without the hassles

I’ll stick with Azureus as it allows me to do many things to control my

Make Firefox spell-check all form fields

I love Firefox’s built-in spellchecker, especially when I’m blogging. Unfortunately, by default it only runs

CIL2007: Heat Up Your Browsing with Firefox a.k.a. Pimp Your Firefox

Jessamyn West, Librarian.netI’m going to sit back and watch. All the information from Jessamyn;s presentation

Top 10 Firefox extensions to avoid?

Computerworld has published a list of the top 10 Firefox extensions to avoid. Usually I

New laptop bag

I’ve been wanting/needing a new laptop bag for a while and it finally arrived today.

Vista: Problem Reports and Solutions

Vista: Problem Reports and Solutions Originally uploaded by Travelin’ Librarian. When a program crashes in

Another way to post to Twitter

Don’t want to leave Firefox nor actually go to the Twitter site in order to

Outlook Web Access

I’ve recently gained access to an Exchange Server-based e-mail system and was told that the