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Tuesday Tech Tip: Firefox Health Report

Want to learn things about your copy of Firefox from how often it has crashed

Tuesday Tech Tip: Firefox’s Share this page

Just in case you didn’t notice that new paper airplane icon that appeared in Firefox

Tuesday Tech Tip: S+RightClick in Your Browser

Take a second to hold down the “S” key and right-click on any image on

Throwback Thursday: Article Accepted

On 25 September 2006 I learned that I’d have an article printed in the very first issue of the Journal of Web Librarianship.

Firefox 32 gets right clicky

I’ve been using Firefox 32 all day and it’s just now that I noticed some new buttons at the top of the right-click popup menu: back, forward, reload & bookmark. That reload one’s going to come in handy since I hate how much they shrunk the one up in the toolbar.

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Tuesday Tech Tip: Browser address bar shortcut

From today forward, gone is the need to move your mouse to enter a URL

Tuesday Tech Tip: Get Firefox to Send Native Linux Notifications

As a user of Firefox on my Ubuntu boxes, it always annoyed me that Firefox

Tuesday Tech Tip: URL keyboard shortcuts in Firefox

Try these: Type a keyword into Firefox’s URL bar then press CTRL-Enter. You’ll end up @ http://www.keyword.com. Type a keyword into Firefox’s URL bar then press SHIFT-Enter. You’ll end up @ http://www.keyword.net. Type a keyword into Firefox’s URL bar then press CTRL-SHIFT-Enter. You’ll end up @ http://www.keyword.org. With testing, I’ve found that the first works in […]

Tuesday Tech Tip: Paste & Go

If you’re a Fiefox user and you have a URL in your clipboard that you like to go to, just right-click in the address bar and select “Paste& Go”. Your URL will be pasted and you’ll be sent there, saving you a press of the Enter key.

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Tuesday Tech Tip: Under Firefox’s Hood

Any long-time Firefox users are aware of the about:config command. But how about about:support? Just