Friday Reads: Doctor Who: Lifedeath

For over a thousand years, he’s fought to hold back death.

But some problems can’t be fought on the scale he’s used to. Doctor Who: LifeDeath is a collection of short stories that presents new problems for the Doctor – the murkiness of cultural relativism, the ethics of voluntary oppression and the fundamental essence of his own inhumanity.

Inside these pages, the Doctor encounters the man who killed him, discovers the positive side of terrorism and learns the difference between fighting a tyrant and fighting a culture, while elsewhere, one of his incarnations is confronted with an unexpected question: Is the suicide of a Time Lord also murder? Meanwhile, the avatar the Time Lords gazes into the abyss and finds a mirror entity, a former companion faces cosmic ennui and two schoolteachers from Coal Hill suffer the terrifying ordeal of abduction by a psychopath.

With previously unpublished fiction by David Agnew. Peter Anghelides & Stephen Cole, Simon Bucher-Jones, Paul Cornell, Craig Hinton, Phil Pascoe, Keith Topping and a host of undiscovered talent. Foreword by Kate Orman.

Doctor Who: Life Death in a fan-based chanty project. All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit Amnesty International.

(I’ve been looking for this one for years and finally found a copy.)

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