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Major Book Publishers Demand Identities of Usenet Uploaders (Remember Usenet?)

Some of the world’s largest book publishers are going after two prolific Usenet uploaders. The

How Kindle Promotes Bad Book-Reading Hygiene

Morphologically, my Kindle belongs to the genus of handheld devices and tablets more than that

Amazon Fights to Keep Secrets in E-book Trial

Amazon attorneys last week filed a letter with the court asking that it be allowed

RaspberryPi: Creating an eBook server

So I’ve set up my RaspberryPi to actually do something other than sit there: I’ve

James Patterson wants a bookstore bailout

I’m not really sure how I feel about his idea (shown right) but he does

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens

On reading print vs. ‘e’ when it comes to the brain: In most cases, paper books

AL Live: The Present and Future of E-Books

I attended this session yesterday and if you missed it but are interested in the topic, this is a session you should take the time to watch.

ReDigi Loses: You Can’t Resell Your MP3s (Unless You Sell Your Whole Hard Drive)

I wonder how this will impact Amazon.com’s idea that you’ll be able to resell “used” ebooks. Basically, under this interpretation, you can never “transfer” a digital file. You can only make a reproduction under copyright law. And, yes, computers transfer files by making copies of them, but it seems a bit ridiculous that the whole concept […]

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Electronic lending and public libraries: Folding shelves

In publishers’ eyes librarians are “sitting close to Satan”, declared Phil Bradley, president of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. He was addressing indignant librarians who recently gathered in London to swap tales of e-lending woe. Some publishers have refused to sell their e-books to public libraries, made them prohibitively costly or put […]

Want a free Nook Simple Touch?

The prediction was that the Kindle would be free by now. Alas, that hasn’t come to pass. Yet Barnes & Noble is pushing the free envelope with this deal: Barnes and Noble, arguably the only real competitor to Amazon’s Kindle juggernaut, has just announced a promotion to get as many of its Nook readers into consumers’ hands […]