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Lost in Translation

I’ve previously blogged about a “new” German DRM scheme to change the text of a

An interesting new take on eBook DRM

In essence, when you purchase a copy of the book, it has the full and

Permission Based Publishing: The New York Publishing Model (and Why It Doesn’t Work)

…Bookish is a great example of this. Bookish took two years to launch and was

One Year Later, the Results of Tor Books UK Going DRM-Free

On April 25, 2012, Tor Books UK announced that it was making all of its

Copyright wars are damaging the health of the internet

As usual, I’ll let Cory speak for himself. The internet is important, but the copyright wars

Great DRM quote

“DRM is just allowing someone to exercise their poor business judgement.” —Rob Pegoraro on This

DRM once again harms customers

The manga site JManga is shutting down. Oh, and they don’t allow you to download

What Cory Doctorow wishes Tim Berners-Lee understood about DRM

Cory Doctorow’s latest article in The Guardian addresses the idea of putting DRM in HTML5.

Giving Them What They Should Want: In moving forward with e-books, is Douglas County really moving backward?

But at this moment in nascent e-book history, is “ownership” really so vital? Is it