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Telling people how to remove DRM isn’t illegal

We all know that it’s against the law to sell copyrighted material, but is it

Anti-Piracy Group Refuses bait, DRM Breaker Goes to Police

Henrik Anderson told TorrentFreak that in order to force his government’s hand on laws which

Another view on the Amazon/Hachette battle

I don’t agree with everything Hugh has to say on this issue but he’s definitely

Why a DRM’ed coffee-pods may be just the awful stupidity we need

Cory Doctorow on Keurig’s recent DRM-related news: I think Keurig might just be that stupid, greedy company. The reason they’re adding “DRM” to their coffee pods is that they don’t think that they make the obviously best product at the best price, but want to be able to force their customers to buy from them anyway. […]

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Adobe backs off on lack of DRM backwards compatibility

Adobe has announced that it will continue to support the older DRM encryption formats for PDF and EPUB eBooks.  This flip-flopping on this specific matter was due to the firestorm that erupted due to  our recent post on Adobe killing the e-reader industry. We had so much feedback, that Adobe themselves commented on our original […]

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Adobe DRM Upgrade News Gets Worse

This means that any app or device which still uses the older Adobe DRM will

Adobe Doubles Down on DRM in Digital Editions 3.0

Adobe has just pushed out new Digital Rights Management encryption system for their entire line of publishing products. This was designed to make changes to the security of of ePub and PDF Files. Adobe is claiming that the new changes to one of the most popular electronic book formats in the world is the most […]

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Dear Publishers

DRM is dumb. DRM does not work. DRM is the Empire is tightening its fist,

Five reasons to remove the DRM from the books you’ve “bought”

This week, ebook lovers got yet another reminder of why DRM (Digital Rights Management) is terrible for ebooks. While attending a library conference in Singapore, Jim O’Donnell lost access to the titles in his Google Play Books app. Apparently, the app detected that he was in a country where Google Books aren’t available and subsequently denied […]

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