Adobe backs off on lack of DRM backwards compatibility

Adobe Digital Editions logoAdobe has announced that it will continue to support the older DRM encryption formats for PDF and EPUB eBooks.  This flip-flopping on this specific matter was due to the firestorm that erupted due to  our recent post on Adobe killing the e-reader industry. We had so much feedback, that Adobe themselves commented on our original story and announced that they will continue to support the old formats indefinitely.


Although Adobe will not cut old e-readers off, they still won’t be able to read the new eBook formats, once more companies start adopting them. One silver lining, was that Sony was the largest company that used the stock Adobe DRM, but they have since abandoned their bookstore in the USA and Canada. Kobo has picked up their customers and all the old books, and Kobo uses their own offshoot of Adobe DRM.

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