Matterform unveils world’s first portable and affordable 3D scanner

matterformOnce I finally get my hands on a 3D printer I’m sure a 3D scanner will be next on the list.

There are a host of 3D scanners on the market that allow users to digitize real-world objects on the fly, such as Makerbot’s Digitizer and PrimeSense’s Kinect-like IIIDScan, and while they are great in their own right, they are rather pricey. It’s on that note that Matterform has highlighted their new, more affordable 3D scanner, which also happens to be compact, lightweight and portable to boot.

An interesting feature about the scanner is its ability to be folded into a tote the size of a small briefcase, which makes the unit ultra-portable and handy when the object you want to scan is at a different location. Matterform has set a price of $579 for their scanner, making it one of the more affordable units users can by at this point, and is expected to hit the market sometime early this year.

Read the full article @ element 14.

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