Team success is about effective communication. Here’s how to get started by Nancy Levesque

How is your team doing? Do you get work done? Do people trust each other? Do you have fun at work? Do people go the extra mile when needed? If so, congratulations! You seem to be part of a functioning team and are most probably fulfilled at work. If not, chances are high that you might be leading a team, or are part of a team that would benefit from creating meaningful relationships amongst team members by communicating more effectively.

Many studies have shown that it’s the relationships that make our work meaningful, foster innovation and overall team performance. Not only does good team collaboration have an immediate effect on people’s wellbeing and happiness, it can also be measured in performance outcome.

We all aim for that team, in which trust is given, communication is open and transparent and we enjoy working with each other. But the reality is we are more distracted than ever by technology, trust is threatened by personal agendas and a “team spirit” is often not felt.

A friend of mine recently asked me, what I would suggest if some team members do not feel they are part of a team. What if some team members feel less appreciated than others? What if some have the feeling that they have to compensate for others by taking over their workload? What if there is conflict that isn’t addressed openly?

The answer is: Let’s talk!

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Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

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