Tuesday Tech Tip: Windows Presentation Mode

When hooking up your Windows laptop to a projection system for a presntation there are a few things you should always keep in mind. For example, no one needs to know when you get new e-mail. They’re also not interested in your screensaver. And lastly, if your laptop goes to sleep during the presentation things may completely fall apart, especially when it comes to the projection system.

Luckily, Windows laptops have a little known feature called the Mobility Center that includes a single button that will take care of all these issues.

To find the Mobility Center, click your start button then type mobility center. The program should appear in your results list; just click to run.

Windows Mobility Center

Once the Mobility Center appears on screen, click the Turn On button under Not Presenting. This will cahnge your sleep, screensaver, and notification settings accordingly.

When you’re all done, return to the Mobility Center and click Turn Off in the same box and all your settings will be put back the way you had them before.

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