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Tuesday Tech Tip: Windows Presentation Mode

When hooking up your Windows laptop to a projection system for a presntation there are

Windows 10 Technical Preview screenshots

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I’ve got the technical preview of Windows 10 up and running on some spare hardware. The process was painless on a Core 2 Duo with only 2GB of RAM and took less than 15 minutes including logging into my Microsoft account and the syncing of settings. Here are my screenshots showing features that differ from […]

Tuesday Tech Tip: Shake that window

You’ve got half a dozen windows open on your desktop and you want to minimize

Tuesday Tech Tip: What’s Waking Your Computer

Lately I’ve been putting my desktop to sleep at night, having moved most of the 24/7 functions to our home media server. However, every so often, the computer’s been awakened sometime in the night, despite my having most definitely not moved the mouse or touched the keyboard. So, how can I find out what caused […]

Tuesday Tech Tip: Fix Windows folder unresponsive/slow behavior, green loading bar

Sometimes when you open Windows Explorer you get a green progress bar in the windows location bar. If you find the happening in a particular folder on a regular basis, there is a solution: Open the folder in question. Select Properties. Click the Customize tab. Windows 8: Choose “General items” from the “Optimize this folder for:” […]

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Google Cloud Print now available sans Chrome

Have you ever needed to print a boarding pass, whitepaper, or speech, and didn’t have

Tuesday Tech Tip: Prioritize Your Wired Connection

Is you have a laptop you’re probably using a WiFi connection most of the time.