85 Reasons to be Thankful for Librarians

Just a few items from the list:

1. Librarians take care of libraries, which are still invaluable today.
3. Older books still hold great cultural significance.
15. Somebody has to help lazy people find what they want.
28. Libraries are still a cheaper place to make photocopies than FedEx Kinko’s.
30. Librarians can also find information better suited to the person who needs it.
44. Despite the rising popularity of e-books, 80% of people surveyed say they still prefer paper books.
50. Also unlike the internet, libraries are much less influenced by corporate interests.
60. A library can mold itself for the specific community it’s in, whereas websites usually try to bring in everyone.
72. A library still provides a neutral environment for the free exchange of ideas.
73. Public libraries are surprisingly cheap to maintain, but benefit everyone in the community.
74. If you’re a comic book lover, you can probably find plenty at your local library.
81. With the economy these days, going to the library is a great source of free entertainment.
85. Regardless of what form a library takes, a librarian will always be ready to guide you to the information you need.

Read the complete list, including some more “amusing” items at ZenCollegeLife.

Phtoo: CC-BY-NC jazzmodeus

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