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Friday Video: Joshua Hammer – “The Bad-ass Librarians of Timbuktu” | Talks at Google

Published on May 18, 2016 Authored by Joshua Hammer, one of today’s most seasoned journalists,

More on Librarians @ SXSW

Janie rocks! Janie Hermann has worked in libraries for almost twenty years, in the areas of technology training, business outreach and research. Currently, she serves as Public Programming Librarian at the Princeton Public Library. She is always seeking new partnerships and ways to keep libraries relevant. This year at SXSW Interactive, Hermann will speak on the […]

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Don’t become a zombie librarian

You know these folks.  They’ve made an art out of being a disconnected educator, they’ve done no professional reading since leaving library school and while they’re not exactly sure what a PLN is, they know they don’t want one.  While you’re spending your evenings attending webinars or participating in Twitter chats, they’re still mourning the […]

Libraries will survive

Sean Boney of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library sent me a link to this wonderful video

The three things you must have to live in today’s library world

If you work in a library today you must have the following three things. Otherwise

85 Reasons to be Thankful for Librarians

Just a few items from the list: 1. Librarians take care of libraries, which are still

Libraries & Foursquare – There’s too much “there” there

I’ve been playing with Foursquare for about a month now ever since they released their