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Sometimes I’m just a little too efficient for my wife. She likes to do things all at once, while I tend to do things as needed. (I’m generalizing here. Both of us could quickly point out glaring exceptions.) Here’s a list of 10 more uncluttering things to do every day that I pretty much agree with. (With the possible exception of #6 but with three dogs and two cats, I might just start.)

  1. Reset your home each evening.
  2. Never leave a room empty handed.
  3. When you’re done with something, put it away.
  4. Hit the laundry basket.
  5. Take out the garbage.
  6. Vacuum everyday.
  7. Clear out your e-mail inbox.
  8. Cut out the non-essentials.
  9. Do just one thing each day.
  10. One thing out everyday.

Get all the details on the Unclutterer blog.

Photo: CC-BY-NC bill barber

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