Thing #6: RSS

rss_iconMy thoughts on RSS. Well, I have written a book teaching others how do use it so I guess you could say I’m a fan. Seriously though, I’d say RSS has completely changed the way I receive information. Every time I get handed some monthly newsletter, wether print or electronic, I’ve pretty much already heard about everything the newsletter has printed. (Ok, not the ultra specific stuff but if it talks about larger issues or new tech, chances are I’ve already read about it.) Those that say there’s not enough time to read all that they could subscribe to, I have the following suggestion: For every few RSS feeds you subscribe to, drop something that isn’t RSS. Or, if you can, find the RSS version of something you read in print or via a specific Web site. (Your newspaper for example.) Quickly you’ll see that you’re spending the same amount of time yet receiving more information in that same amount of time.

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