Kinetic Brew

Last week I blogged about a sign I saw on O Street for a new coffee shop named Kinetic Brew. Seems that on Friday’s they’re doing a "name your own price" sale. After Fluxus left some comments encouraging me to stop by (especially today) I gathered up my coffee cohorts and headed down the street.

Kinetic Brew

We chatted withe Jeremy the owner a little bit and he said that this was just the third week he’d tried it and so far it had been going quite well. Most people, he said, were confused by the concept and insisted on paying the list price for their drinks. I’ll admit that the three of us all paid below list price but as a result he’s definitely earned three new customers.

Since today is also Halloween, he was in costume. And what a costume it was! This thing was totally tricked out with both lights and sound. I think next time I’ll bring more cash and pay double for my drink just because of the costume.

Jeremy of Kinetic Brew (front)   Jeremy of Kinetic Brew (back)

Thanks Jeremy! We’ll be back.

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